This survey will show what you know about the changes to First Christian Church’s control of their/our money.  There are no right or wrong answers.  The idea is to see if church members are aware of the profound changes the elders and senior pastor made to the bylaws and how they control and account for our tithes and gifts.

Did you know that First Christian Church paid $85,000 in consulting fees and collateral for the "I'm All In" campaign?

Did you know that the church sold the Kirk house for $80,000?

Did you know that FCCF used to maintain separate funds for building expenses, missions, operating expenses and salaries?

Did you know that when FCCF changed bylaws, they dropped the fund accounting?  (All money is now in the same budget.)

Do you realize that means members can no longer direct a portion of their tithes to things like missions, youth activities or the building fund?

Did you know that missionaries who are temporarily not assigned or cannot get to their assigned region are no longer funded by the church?

Use the expandable text box below if have any questions or comments about how the church handles money or the bylaws?