Silhouette Main KneelingWe need your prayers.  First Christian Church needs your prayers.  We do not take on this task lightly and know the turmoil and potential problems it may cause the church.  There is no easy solution and without enduring the pain and anguish that pits brother against brother and family member against family member, nothing will change.


Read the information on this website.  This is as close to factual and “no spin” as we can get.  There are more issues and documents yet to be vetted and presented here.  So think of bible-light-beam-1280x720this as the tip of the iceberg.

Read your Bible.  We need guidance and refer to the Scriptures every day. You need guidance.  Some Bible passages used by First Christian  have been twisted to suit the circumstance and are taken out of context.  If you don’t go to the Bible and read the entire passage being used by the pastor and elders at First Christian, you miss the Scripture’s real meaning.


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Please understand that we will call or email you with questions that confirm your participation at First Christian Church.  Use a real phone number and an active email address that you monitor regularly.

Sign Our Petition


iPetition to remove FCCF from lawsuit.

Sign our petition to remove FCCF from the lawsuit.  Even though the lawsuit has been withdrawn, it can be re-filed, at will, for up to two years.  We feel it is improper for FCCF to sue other Christians when the issues began as internal disputes that were brought to the senior pastor and elders in 2012.  This is not the way to spend tithes and does not follow the principles laid out in the Bible.

Tell Others

Tell OthersAsk fellow church members and guests if they are aware of the lawsuit and the issues that are discussed here.  Refer them to this web site for more information.  The only way change will happen is if the elders and senior pastor understand that the congregation, as a whole, is aware of the issues and expect the elders to make those changes.

When their offering plate is bare and our online giving slows to a trickle, they will be forced to address issues they have avoided for the past three years!

Take Our Surveys

Survey featured imageTake our “child abuse” survey and the financial survey.  We would like to know what YOU know about the events happening at First Christian Church of Florissant.  Please encourage your friends to take the survey as well.  Keep your eyes open, there will be more surveys coming.

Donate to Protect Whistleblowers

gofundme-donate-buttonMelissa Mueller set up a legal defense fund for the five people that have incurred legal fees created by the senior pastor and First Christian Church.

Keep in mind that the people who were being sued are members or former members of First Christian:  former pastor Titus Benton and his wife Kari; Dawn Varvil, who originally questioned the actions of Brandon Milburn and Professor Doug Lay, who authored the case study on First Christian.  The case study is attached to end of the “Verified Petition” and is part of the public record.  Finally, there is a Jane Doe, who has not been identified, but is included in the lawsuit just the same.  (Jane, if you’re out there … good luck!)

You give your money to the church in a tithe.  The church spends some of those funds to sue its members and we ask you to donate to defend the same people.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Your help, financially, with prayer and with
spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

I know it doesn’t make sense.
Give to the church, then give here to
undo what the church is doing.

Do it anyway … it’s the right thing to do.

Please note that the legal fees incurred by these folks are still due, payable and necessary.  The fact that the lawsuit was withdrawn does not change the fact that the legal bills exist and need to be paid.  Nor does the withdrawl mean that the defendants are clear of future legal action by Steve Windfield or First Christian Church of Florissant.

Legal Fees We Still Owe


Donate to Help Victims with Counseling

Child-abuse-bnr-01-330x223In recent months, the news of sexual abuse by Brandon Milburn has become quite public. While the perpetrator is behind bars, the victims are suffering in a silent prison of their own. After years of secrecy, many have taken the brave step of confronting their past. Your donations will help fund counseling for these individuals, many of whom lack the support and resources needed to make continued healing a reality. Together we can provide healing and hope for those who were victimized.