Professor Lay Stands On Principle

H/T:  Post-Dispatch 5-21-15

A vocal critic of a Florissant church over its handling of a sexual abuse scandal said the situation has compelled him to resign from his job at a local Christian college.

Doug Lay, a professor of English and literature at St. Louis Christian College, a small Bible college in Florissant, submitted his letter of resignation on Monday.

Lay had been a member of First Christian Church of Florissant, a large, evangelical house of worship that employed a youth minister now serving a 25-year prison sentence for sexual abuse.

There are a few things to note about Professor Lay’s resignation.

First, although the professor’s resignation letter stated that he did not resign because of pressure from the college’s leadership, there was considerable influence exerted to silence him.

Second, Professor Lay was slated to receive the “Teacher of the Year” award from SLCC.  Lay was unable to attend the 5/2/15 commencement ceremony because the senior pastor had revoked permission for the professor to enter First Christian’s property.

Third, the Post-Dispatch article states that “According to court documents, the lawsuit was dropped last week because the church has ‘invited an independent Christian mediation process and as a sign of good faith.'” Both of those statements are false.

The “independent Christian mediation process” was NOT invited by FCCF leadership or the senior pastor. The outside pastors came to FCCF at the request of a group of church members who are trying to get the church back on track.

The lawsuit was withdrawn (not dismissed) without prejudice and can be re-filed at will. The senior pastor made that fact known to the people close to the situation. It was withdrawn one day before a scheduled “motion to dismiss” hearing (which was filed by Doug Lay’s attorney.)  There was a good chance that the suit would have been dismissed by the courts, since the court already refused the temporary restraining order and FCCF’s court filing was weak.

Professor Lay is continuing his quest to help victims at “Is It Enough?

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