From Titus Benton’s blog “TitusLive“:

I got the call from a mentor of mine last February. The news was not good. A former intern in my student ministry in Missouri had been arrested. He was charged with six counts of sodomy. I’ll spare you the gory details. The charges were serious.

The news cycle ran with it. The mug shot of the intern–a guy I had shared an office, many a meal, hotel rooms, and life with–were splashed all over the evening news. Facebook lit up, prompting me to write this.

This isn’t a blog to reveal any details or make it seem like I’ve got anything to offer. I’m still processing. But a wise mentor (the same one who called me last February) challenged me recently to think through what I’d learned. What had I learned? I’d been so busy feeling I hadn’t done a ton of thinking. So I sat down and did some. (At the end of this blog I pose a question to all of you who work with students. I’d love to learn from you, so please share.)

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