Pastor Titus Benton

Source:  Titus Benton, message clarifying his position in RFT article..

Titus Benton: I wanted to post my entire statement to the RFT here, so you guys would understand the fullness of thoughts I had on this. I don’t mind you sharing it, if need be:

Since Dawn first approached me last fall regarding the mishandling of this situation by
church leaders (in particular, Steve Wingfield), the truth that she is in this for the victims has been cemented in my brain through every action on her part. She was slow to hire legal counsel initially because she viewed it as a waste of money that could be spent helping victims get better.

Even now she is not seeking to benefit herself but, more so, to benefit the victims, many of whom who are still suffering in silence. Rather than rush to court with a perfectly justifiable slander and defamation suit of her own, citing emotional distress and asking for punitive damages, she is giving Steve and the rest of the church leaders another opportunity to do the right thing.

I sincerely hope that Steve Wingfield and the elders at First Christian will not ignore these demands as they largely have the suggestions in Doug Lay’s case study or suggestions my wife and I have offered in the past month. If they will grant Dawn’s requests, they will not only do good by the victims for the first time since Brandon Milburn’s arrest over 15 months ago, which is most important by far, but they would also go a long way toward cleaning up the public relations disaster they’ve brought upon themselves since suing Dawn, myself, and three others.

I applaud Dawn for her advocacy of victims. This situation is far from resolved, and I’m prayerful and hopeful that those to whom Steve is accountable (the elders at First Christian and other Christian leaders in the Saint Louis area) will not allow their historic loyalty to one man to perpetuate their silence and instead will join Dawn and others who are tirelessly seeking to create a safer, more transparent environment at First Christian Church of Florissant. If Steve and the elders at First Christian do not rush to meet these demands, it will tragicly reveal that the “good faith” they purport to possess is for the benefit of the watching public and not something they intend to allow to influence how they behave behind closed doors.

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