The question has often been posed to me:  “How do you account for the steady growth of FCCF over these many years?”  Key points in answering that question would be:  (1) commitment to church growth by the leadership; (2) unity within the leadership and  congregation; (3) very limited turnover of trained leaders and paid staff; (4) a balanced program designed to meet the needs and utilize the strengths of all age groups and (6) a conscious and deliberate effort to remove all hindrances to church growth.

It was drilled into me by Dr. Medford Jones, my church growth professor at Emmanuel School of Religion, that “God wants His church to grow!”  We can sow seeds and water them, but only God can give the increase.  If we preach the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe, then remove the hindrances that tend to keep the local church from growing (lack of space, lack of vision, inadequate staff, disunity, or neglected groups or needs within the church), God gives the increase.  Thus one of the most prominent echoes in this volume is telling:  TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Charles D. Wingfield

Charles Wingfield served First Christian for thirty-five years
as senior minister and in the ministry of Christ for 55 years.
Charles went to his Heavenly Father December 4, 2012

From: Foreword: “Echoes – Reflections on Our First Fifty Years” by Titus J. Benton