2005Brandon Milburn was brought into FCCF by Ruth and Steve Wingfield and began volunteering with the children’s ministry.
2006-2007Milburn was employed as an intern with 5th graders at FCCF. During that school year a former staff member reported concerns about Brandon being alone with boys, it’s unknown who that report was made to.

-- 3 boys stated how uncomfortable they had gotten with Milburn
-- June 2007, Milburn committed the 6 counts of sodomy for which he was charged
-- October 2007, Milburn committed the 7th count for which he was charged
May 12, 2011 thelinkflo.org domain name is registered into Wix.com
Aug, 2011Dawn Varvil and Brandon Milburn start 501(c)(3) paperwork.
Sept 26, 2011web.archive.com shows 1 site capture for thelinkflo.org. No other activity.
Sept 30, 2011The Link Event is registered with eventbright.com ticket sellers.
March 2012Varvil has conversation with Brandon Milburn and says she will stop as a ministry partner.
April 16, 2012thelinkflo.org registration is dropped. thelinkflo.org
May 4, 2012Varvil inquires about money not being received from Milburn disolving the 501(c)(3).
May 23, 2012Varvil pursues independent youth ministry with an open door and no funding.
June 2012Varvil expresses concerns about Milburn scamming people for funding, but no funds being forwarded for the ministry Varvil has been running.