The Elders Do Not Communicate or Provide Management Oversight

Questions and potential problems that are brought to the elders by members of the church are not being handled.  In some cases the problems are given “lip service”, but responses and actual answers have been sparse or nonexistent.  Apparently the current elders are unphased by the loss of at least seven key staff people, five elders who have stepped down and at least 40 families who have left First Christian in the last 18 months.

Poor Management and Relations with Key Staff Members

Because of problems with micro-management and tight-fisted control of staff, projects and departments, key staff members have left the church at an alarming rate.  Within 18 months seven key personnel have resigned.  The remaining staff members work under a “gag order” and have been cautioned about discussing the church with outsiders or other church members.  The loss of talented personnel is a serious issue that ultimately stunts the church’s ability to serve and grow.

Questionable Financial Oversight

Within the last 24 months, the church has changed its method of accounting and has piled all income (tithes and gifts) into one general fund controlled by the Senior Pastor.  There is no way for a member to sponsor a particular mission or project, and there has been no accountability and no transparency concerning how the church’s funds are used.

For example:

– The Kirk house was sold for $84,900, then FCCF spent $85,000 for consulting fees to create the “I’m All In” fund raiser.

– There are “issues” with money-market and savings changes.

– The bylaw change has resulted in all funds being combined with little oversight.

Too Many Families are Leaving

The church has lost a number of good Christian families.  These are long-term members who are the core of the church.  This includes staff who have resigned, elders who have left and families who have become dissatisfied with the way the church is run.

Poor Reporting and Handling of Sexual Abuse Issues (Google-search)

This is the problem that has pushed most of the issues listed above to the forefront.

Sexual misconduct by a person associated with the church was not handled and allowed to continue because leadership felt the claims and warnings were either not credible or not significant enough to warrant an investigation or at least an informal inquiry.

In 2006-2007 two young boys (under 12 years of age) were abused.  It took 10 years for the perpetrator to be arrested, convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison.  In the meantime, it is hard to know how many other young boys have been molested but have not reported the incidents.



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