Look closely – these are fellow Christians – fellow church members.

First Christian Church has filed (and withdrawn) a lawsuit against these people for voicing their opinions and raising concerns about the victims of abuse at the hands of someone associated with, and at times paid by, FCCF.

Professor Doug Lay

Professor Doug LayProfessor Doug Lay, is was employed at St. Louis Christian College. He is Professor of English and Literature.  In 2015, Professor Lay was awarded the Teacher of the Year award by St. Louis Christian College.  He is a strong Christian, husband and father. Professor Lay and former Pastor Titus Benton authored the “case study” that is referenced in the law suit.
Professor Lay was unable to attend the SLCC 2015 graduation ceremony to accept his award.  Although the Temporary Restraining Order was dismissed, Steve Wingfield has banned him from First Christian Church of Florissant’s property.

Paul Wingfield, White Flag Church

Paul Wingfield, Sr Pastor at White Flag Church halted funds to SLCC to silence Professor Lay.

Update:  As of 5/18/15, Professor lay has resigned from SLCC.  He felt it necessary to distance himself from the college so that he could be an unhindered voice for the victims preyed upon at FCCF.

Because of the legal quagmire created by the FCCF defamation lawsuit, Professor Lay felt it necessary to have his attorney, A.W. Johnson, issue a press release concerning his resignation.

Remember … this is the SLCC “Teacher of the Year” who just resigned from his 17 year teaching position to advocate for the unheard voices of abuse victims.  You can find out more by reading Titus Benton’s post “You Need to Know About Professor Lay“.

Professor Lay is continuing his quest to help victims at “Is It Enough?

Titus & Kari Benton

Titus & Kari Benton

Titus and Kari Benton currently reside in Texas.  Titus was formerly a youth pastor at First Christian.  They are parents to two young children. It was Kari’s open letter to FCCF Senior Pastor, Steve Wingfield, that may have sparked the lawsuit. Her concerns in the letter have not been addressed.


Dawn Varvil

Dawn VarvilDawn is a wife, mother, volunteer and a Christian.  It was her concerns about the activities of Brandon Milburn that she brought to the senior pastor in 2012 that are being denied in 2015.



Please note that the legal fees incurred by these folks are still due, payable and necessary.  The fact that the lawsuit was withdrawn does not change the fact that the legal bills exist and need to be paid.  Nor does the withdrawl mean that the defendants are clear of future legal action by Steve Windfield or First Christian Church of Florissant.

Legal Fees  – As of 6-20-15


The Defend the Victim Advocates  GoFundme page is here.

Next:  Personnel Departures – Staff members that have resigned.