H/T: Julie Anne – SpritualSoundingBoard.com – 6/26/15 After you’ve read the article, be sure and read the comments by Steve Lata and Titus Benton.  They’re at the bottom of the page. Earlier this month, I shared…

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Titus Benton Sermon 150528

I AM: Jesus – Week 1 – The Bread of Life Titus Benton, May 18, 2015


Source:  Titus Benton, message clarifying his position in RFT article.. Titus Benton: I wanted to post my entire statement to the RFT here, so you guys would understand the fullness of thoughts I had on this….

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Look closely – these are fellow Christians – fellow church members. First Christian Church has filed (and withdrawn) a lawsuit against these people for voicing their opinions and raising concerns about the victims of abuse at…

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Pastor Titus Benton

From Titus Benton’s blog “TitusLive“: I got the call from a mentor of mine last February. The news was not good. A former intern in my student ministry in Missouri had been arrested. He was charged with…

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