Professor Doug Lay employment contract conditions, silence or quit

This document is significant for a couple reasons.  First, according to Doug Lay’s resignation letter, the school had not pushed for Lay’s removal.  Second, St. Louis Christian College leadership had stated to students that Professor Lay…

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Is It Enough Featured Image

May 1, 2015, Professor Lay publishes for the public. “Is It Enough? is a center for learning and sharing information about the child sexual abuse mishandling / cover-up at First Christian Church of Florissant.” You…

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It appears that Professor Lay was actually feeling pressure to curb his public comments and writings concerning the sexual abuse subjects at First Christian Church of Florissant. Those topics were verbally included in Professor Lay’s contract-renewal…

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Professor Lay Stands on Principle

H/T:  Post-Dispatch 5-21-15 A vocal critic of a Florissant church over its handling of a sexual abuse scandal said the situation has compelled him to resign from his job at a local Christian college. Doug Lay,…

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Resignation Press Release

This is the press release issues by Professor Lay’s lawyer concerning his resignation.   [pdf-embedder url=””]   Click here for PDF version.

Professor Doug Lay

Effective 5/18/2015, Professor Doug Lay resigned from SLCC (St. Louis Christian College). This is Professor Lay’s resignation letter in its entirety.  Note the last two paragraphs where he emphasizes that his decision was NOT the result…

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