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This document is significant for a couple reasons.  First, according to Doug Lay’s resignation letter, the school had not pushed for Lay’s removal.  Second, St. Louis Christian College leadership had stated to students that Professor Lay received the same employment contract as others at SLCC.

It is clear that both statements were false.

This document shows that Doug Lay was given a choice; shut-up and stay employed or keep speaking out and lose your job.

Let’s not forget, this was instigated by White Flag Church pulling their funding from St. Louis Christian College (Doug Lay’s employer). White Flag is Paul Wingfield’s church.  He is pressuring the school on behalf of his brother Steve Wingfield.

The “conditions” attached to Lay’s employment contract are a direct result of pressure from White Flag Church and First Christian in Florissant.
This appears to be a concerted effort by “religious” organizations to squelch free speech and the abuse concerns raised by Doug Lay, Titus Benton, Dawn Varvil and others. Given that the abuser confessed and was sentenced to 25 years in prison, it should be clear that Lay’s original concerns were well founded and accurate.
The fact that First Christian has stonewalled, sued members, banned members from church, and told lies from the pulpit should be a wake-up call for everyone.
What these “religious” organizations have shown us, is that their self-interest and preservation comes before their flock and that truth is secondary to appearance.
It’s a good-ole-boy network hiding behind the Bible while using it as a cash generator. And when that cash cow is threatened, they will call you names, infer you are demonic and out to destroy the church, sue you and ban you from church property.
Apparently they don’t believe what they preach. And since they don’t practice what they preach, they are probably not fit to lead or worthy of being followed.

Keith Kepley via Facebook 8/17/15 – 11:13pm

For any students or alumni of Saint Louis Christian College who have been told that Doug Lay was offered the same contract as everyone else, here is a photocopy of the disciplinary measures that accompanied his contract this May.

Had he signed his contract, he would have been subject to suspension and/or termination if he violated these terms under step two of the disciplinary policy.

He was forced to choose between employment or silence.

Here’s hoping the SLCC administration begins telling the truth. They required Doug to “Refrain from using social media, texting, email, or public media to espouse your cause or criticize a local church as your job as professor obligates the college in matters of personal concern” and “Refrain from discussions of these matters with students or employees of St. Louis Christian College” if he was to be non-suspended and employed at SLCC. Again, his choices were silence about the child molestation mishandling/cover-up at FCCF or resign.

SLCC Contract Conditions for Doug Lay
Did you know, Professor Lay was given the “Teacher of the Year Award” by St. Louis Christian College for the 2014-2015 school year?


 The school’s politics outweigh Professor Lay’s good works.