H/T:  Truthguard.org “Be a TRUTH GUARD and Guard the Truth (see 1Tim 6:20 and 2Tim 1:14)”

Readers sometimes write in and ask me if I think it is a good idea for them to have a meeting and confront a controlling pastor regarding his abusive behavior. These readers hope to facilitate a type of “intervention” where they can attempt to show such a man the error of his ways and try to motivate him to repent and change. Although this may sound like a worthy endeavor, there are some very important reasons to not do so unless you are properly prepared. Consider the following:

First, regarding the question itself, “Should I confront my pastor?”, I want to point out that the terms “my” and “pastor” really do not apply to an authoritarian dictator who passes himself off as an under-shepherd of Christ. Such a man is not operating as a genuine pastor at all and is therefore nobody’s actual pastor. This is a great irony since these type leaders flood the pulpits of modern churches and multitudes of members consider these men “their” pastors. That said, let us move on.

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