FCCF Says No to Demands

Contents of Response Letter
from Wingfield’s Attorney to
to Dawn Varvil’s Attorney

June 26, 2015


Dear Nicole,

I am writing in response to your letter dated June 4, 2015.

Instead of rehashing the merits of the suit or your threatened litigation, my clients would instead prefer to focus on what we have in common – our concern for the victims of Mr. Milburn.

Over the past few months, First Christian Church of Florissant has been working to improve its resources to assist victims and to increase security. First Christian has been and will continue to be a resource for healing.  To that end, First Christian has recently partnered with Agape Christian Counseling to provide counseling for anyone affected by Mr. Milburn, which is in addition to the counseling already offered by First Christian’s on-site licensed professional counselor.

Moreover, even though no allegations have been made of abuse at a church facility or program, First Christian is continuing to strengthen its security efforts for children involved in its ministry. The Florissant Police Department has agreed to make available a uniformed officer on site at church events, whenever necessary, to help make First Christian an even safer haven for the Florissant community.

My clients appreciate the suggestions you made to further improve the church’s response to the Milburn incident and to improve its policies moving forward.  First Christian is giving those suggestions due consideration and is, of course, open to any other suggestions from your client or the community.

The church currently has no intention to reinstitute any litigation.  Instead, First Christian is resolved to focus its energy on its mission as a ministry moving forward.



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