You’ve seen the timeline and hopefully read some of the articles on this web site.  Here is the “unintended consequences” of covering up illicit activities in the church … a loss of revenue so severe that pastors have to be let go.  Attendance is down and participation is down and yet leadership maintains the threat of a lawsuit and temporary restraining orders on former church members.


Trust God Chuch Mailing 2-19-16

This leaves Steve Wingfield, Robert Keen (children’s ministry), Kyle Shelnut (worship leader) to handle the entire ministry with Ms Ruth, Joe Sanders (music director) and Mike Redenbeaux (facilities manager) to provide support.




Dennis Hounshel

Family Life Pastor

(6/2001 – 2/2016)




Bob Farmer, former Executive Pastor



Bob Farmer

Executive Pastor

(3/2015 – 2/2016)




Virgil Brazle, former Connections Pastor


Virgil Brazle

Connections Pastor

(1/2011 – 2/2016)