Professor Doug Lay

Effective 5/18/2015, Professor Doug Lay resigned from SLCC (St. Louis Christian College).

This is Professor Lay’s resignation letter in its entirety.  Note the last two paragraphs where he emphasizes that his decision was NOT the result of pressure from the college.

“FCCF” refers to First Christian Church of Florissant, one of the supporters of the college.

May 18, 2015


Dear Dr. Veech:

It is with great regret that I submit my resignation from my position as Professor at  SLCC effectively  immediately.  I  have enjoyed my seventeen years with SLCC, and I  consider it a great honor to have been afforded the opportunity to teach and mentor future church leaders.  I will always have wonderful memories of the relationships that I have had with the SLCC family.

As you know the last several months have been a very difficult time for all of us in the SLCC family and have placed a great strain on relationships here as well as the school’s long-term relationship with my former church FCCF. Given the status of FCCF as a major supporter of SLCC as well as the  sheer  number of  SLCC  employees  who  are  members  and  leaders  in  the  church,  the  recent lawsuit against me has been profoundly difficult. I can understand the conflict that it has put the school in and your desire for me to try to reach a measured reconciliation with the leadership at FCCF and move on. Unfortunately, those well-intended goals are simply impossible to accomplish as long as the current Pastor and leadership remain at FCCF.

I feel I have been placed in a position where I feel compelled to continue to communicate publically in order to (1) ensure that Brandon Milburn’s victims receive the care they are entitled to; and (2) contradict the falsehoods that are being perpetrated by Steve Wingfield and the Elders of FCCF. I realize that the only way to effectively do that is to remove myself from the SLCC faculty. I am certainly sorry for any of my actions that have hurt SLCC or you personally. I think you know that it was not my intent.

There  will  likely  be  those  who  will  attribute  my  resignation  to  pressure  from  you.  I  want  to emphasize that this is my own decision and done in recognition of the difficult position this whole situation places you and the institution in. Although we have not always agreed, I appreciate what you and Dr. Chambers have done for the college.

For that reason, you are free to share this letter with anyone who has any questions or concerns. I pray for only God’s best for the college and for you as you lead SLCC into the future.

In Christ,

Douglas Lay


Note: Professor Lay is continuing his quest to help victims at “Is It Enough?

Click here for PDF version of the resignation letter