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Awkward Children's Bible

Just in case you thought finding a pedophile within the ranks was an unusual occurrence, you might want to read the rest of this article.

What do these fifty pastors have in common? They were all considered to be “men of God” by their congregations right until the moment police arrived and they made the local news in the month of May for horrific crimes against children – most of whom were members of their own churches. Many of the crimes took place on church property with several victims over the course of many years.

Last May two fans messaged me about local pastors in their area being arrested for sex crimes. They were surprised the stories weren’t making national headlines at the same time the Pope was speaking so strongly against pedophile priests. Given my own experiences in church leadership over the years, I wasn’t surprised at all. However, being aware of my own assumptions and the possibility of succumbing to confirmation bias, I took a few minutes to do a quick search on Google News. Sadly, I found more than enough evidence to confirm my gut instinct. As a result, I put together a post about 25 Protestant pastors who made the news that month for sex crimes against children. Last week the topic came up again thanks to the Josh Duggar situation, so I took a little time to put together this new list for May 2015 (based only on the few local new stories that make their way into Google News). The results were even more startling than before, and I’d like to share my thoughts on a situation I’m afraid will only get much worse before it has any hope of getting better.

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