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H/T:  The Christian Post – Lenardo Blair – February 19, 2013

If you’re a member of a megachurch, chances are you are a part of something that’s more business than ministry, according to former pastor and author Glenn Newman in his latest book, Pastors Move Over: Make Room for the Rest of Us.

Newman, who founded the Convenant Life Fellowship and Heartland Bible Institute in Texas, argues through scripture and other evidence that the current structure of church government with a single pastor at the helm is unbiblical and robs church members of the right pastoral care.

“Ephesians 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12-14 shows a clear system of all believers ministering to one another and worshiping house to house. The elders were the leadership of that day and servant leaders at that. But they also recognize each other’s personal gift of ministry,” said Newman in a statement Friday. “In the New Testament church there were no ‘CEO’ type leaders and in fact there were multiple pastors within the flock, ministering and nurturing those that needed it,” he added.

Newman’s book, according to a media release, attributes the origins of the senior pastor model to the Constantinian era in the fourth century and notes that it was later adopted as a part of the Roman Catholic tradition. The Protestant movement simply retained the model as their method of church government.

“Therefore we have been conducting our church services incorrectly since the fourth century. In fact with the single pastor model, you have one man doing all the ministering and everyone else is a mere spectator,” said Newman.

“This has created a passive, uninvolved congregation that in many respects are spiritually immature due to this dependency on the professional clergy to do what they should be doing themselves,” added Newman.

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