Muellers Banned

On Saturday, 6/13/15, Matt Mueller was read a restraining order during a conference call with Scott Seppelt and two elders (Eugene and Kieth).  The order revokes Matt and Amy’s permission to be on FCCF property.

According to one of the elders, the information has already been given to the Florissant Police Department.  Matt was told that if he comes onto First Christian property, they will call the police.

Eugene told Amy & Matt that  “members have been complaining about Matt’s antics at church on Sunday morning.” When Matt asked to be specific Eugene said Matt was stirring up division.

Another way to say “stirring up division” would be to ask questions of the elders that haven’t been answered.

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From:  Amy Mueller, 6/14/15 10:53PM

After a difficult and painful weekend…many conversations with many different people…Matt and I feel led to invite anyone who has left FCCF because of Steve Wingfield to sign a petition stating so. The reality is that we know countless who are current members who are suffering what has been suffered by many for years and years. This needs to include ALL of us. If you are willing to sign please state your name below or private message us. We will proceed from there.


From Matt Mueller, 6/14/15 7:45PM

As many of you know, my permission to enter FCCF has been revoked. When Keith called me yesterday (he actually sent me a text message first inviting me to meet at the Bread Co. to talk), he did say that he wanted to honor his commitment that he made regarding a meeting with concerned members. I was very encouraged by this. We communicated several times yesterday and he called me back late last night and finalized the time and place for the meeting. Unfortunately, today he called to let me know that he ‘spoke too soon’ and that he and the elders would not be able to meet as agreed. This is VERY discouraging. Hopefully we will be able to reschedule this meeting in the not too distant future. Please continue to pray for everybody involved.


From Matt Mueller, 6/13/15, 1:27PM

I just received a phone call from Keith Vehlwald, the Chairman of the Elders at FCCF, who advised me that effective immediately my permission to enter the property at 2890 Patterson Rd., First Christian in Florissant, has been revoked. He told me that he would mail me a copy of the letter and that he has sent a copy to the Florissant Police. He said if I try to enter the property, they will call the police. I assured him that will NOT be necessary. As much as I love FCCF and the people who continue to call that their church home, I understand that I can only do so much.

Am I angry? Somewhat. Am I sad? Very! I will continue to pray for FCCF, Steve Winfield, the Elders, and all of my friends who remain as members. I will forever be grateful for everything the Church, the body of believers, has done for my family.

God Bless,