On 6/7/15 the senior pastor made a few announcements during the service.  One of those announcements was the number of new members that have joined the church.  While the number might be accurate (given that the “preacher count” may or may not be a factor) the impression he gave church members, was that the church is growing.  This is contrary to the facts.

If we use 2007 attendance as a baseline (Wingfield’s first year as senior pastor), we can calculate the church’s true growth based on their past attendance figures (preacher counts are probably included in those numbers, since they were published by the church.)

This chart shows three numbers:

Red – is the total number of members the church would have if no one left.  (Keep in mind that around 10% of the membership will decrease due to family moves, deaths, etc.  That 10% is not figured in the numbers in red.)

Blue – is where attendance would be if we stayed at the 2007 level.

Black – the thin black line is the actual attendance, based on the church’s published numbers.

Real Attendance from 2007 to 2015

If all families that started in 2007 had stayed with First Christian, our attendance would be 2,245, not under 800 each week.

To announce that the church is growing its membership does not appear to be accurate, based on the the attendance figures they publish.