Now pay attention, this is how the elders operate!

This is from the FCCF website “Questions and Answers” pdf , top of page 2:

Why have we invited the civil courts into this matter?
The goal of our civil action is to publicly address these false charges. In order to reserve all of our rights, we included claims in the lawsuit for damages. But at this time, we are seeking zero financial penalties. We only want to clear our name. We are also currently reaching out to meet with our accusers to see if we can resolve this matter without additional litigation in the courts.

This is from page 10 of the Verified Petition.  Note the claim for a) compensatory damage of $25,000, b) punitive damage, c) their “cost of suit, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

67.  Defendants should have realized that the conduct involved an unreasonable risk of causing emotional distress to Plaintiff Wingfield.
68.  The Defendants’ conduct caused medically diagnosable and medically significant emotional distress.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff demands judgment against Defendant as follows:
(a)  For compensatory damages in excess of $25,000;
(b)  For punitive damages;
(c)  For their cost of suit, including reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred herein;

$25,000 in compensatory damages, unspecified punitive damages, and lawyer’s fees ARE NOT ZERO COST!

And here’s the best part, FCCF did not publish the full verified claim that was file with the court!  They only put up the part they wanted you to see.  The entire document is 54 pages long, but FCCF only put the first 12 pages on the website.

That was because the rest of the petition included “exhibits” which includes Doug Lay’s “Case Study of First Christian Church of Florissant”.  Evidently they did not want church members to see that!

They also modified the pdf document to prevent the text from being electronically copied.  (You can’t highlight the text and copy part of it to another document.)  The pdf available from the courts has NO copy protection on it!

This is the reason we’ve posted the documents on this website.  Church members deserve to see the entire picture, not just the part the pastor and elders want you to see.

By the way, if you read the letter Doug Lay’s lawyer sent to Steve Wingfield’s lawyer, you will understand that the last line where it says “We are also currently reaching out to meet with our accusers to see if we can resolve this matter without additional litigation in the courts” is a complete lie.

The following was scanned from Doug Lay’s lawyer’s letter to Steve Wingfield’s lawyer, dated 4/27/15.  The senior pastor’s lawyer file the lawsuit 4/16/15. The Questions and Answers document was dated 4/25/15.

That means that at the time they posted the Q&A document, they were fully aware of the lawsuit and the fact that they had NOT responded to attempts by Doug Lay’s lawyer to set up a meeting.

It appears they have attempted to hide the problem and have not been truthful about the process!