Pardon the cliche, link-bait, title – this article describes exactly the opposite and should really be titled “How to Lose Members and Alienate a Congregation“.

Let’s recap … we have an independent evangelical church that:

Now … heeeee’s baaaack!


H/T:  RFT – Danny Wincentowski – Feb 9, 2016

Who does Steve Wingfield think he’s fooling? The question seemed to twist through the pastor’s sermon on Sunday, which he delivered before an audience of roughly 200 in the main chapel of First Christian Church of Florissant, or FCCF.

It was Wingfield’s first trip to the pulpit of the evangelical church since his unceremonious banishment to a six-month sabbatical in August, and his return was met with high anticipation from those still faithful to the church and the Wingfield family name.

For Wingfield’s detractors — which by now include hundreds of former congregants — there was nothing but disappointment.

Wingfield’s sabbatical came after months of bad press and infighting within the north county megachurch. Under Wingfield’s leadership, FCCF worked feverishly to insulate itself from scandal after a former youth minister named Brandon Milburn was unmasked as a serial child molester and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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