First off, over $7,000 has been raised as of 6/20/15

Woo hoo & congratulations to all !!!!

There is currently about $60 dollars still in the account.

$7,050 has been paid for lawyer fees, while $5,250 is still due.

Soooooo if anyone is still interested in making a donation they can do it at the Gofundme account or you can send me a check that is made out to me. Remember that this will save the 8% that the Gofundme account takes.

Please use our contact-us page to request the name and address to send the check to.


Note to those individuals who suggested that the GoFundMe account was fraudulent:

The account was created by Melissa Mueller, fund access and control is maintained by Doug Stitch and Chad Daugherty.  Doug has been making the financial updates and accepting checks to be disbursed to the recipients.