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Kaylee Oesch
I work in a law office and have sent a cease and desist letter. Those letters are not filed with the court. However something is filed in court and my understanding is that Steve and FCCF are along for 25K. That’s called being sued. A cease and desist letter does not ask for money either. They are being sued and if you want to close your eyes to THAT, then shame on YOU. I hate to sound rude at all but if you don’t know what is actually happening then don’t comment.

Dawn Varvil

Just saw how much has been donated so far and I’m in tears. Your generosity is overwhelming. Please continue to pray that there is no more legal action taken and that this will be resolved in a way that honors God. Shalom my brothers and sisters.
Janet Roth 

to Lori Anderson-Musgrave (and others)…I understand the desire to not fan the flames of discord. But I want to (with every effort to convey gentleness and respect) make sure people know that this is not a matter of expressing opinions and freedom of speech. The FACTS of the abuse situation and the actions/inactions taken by FCCF were carefully detailed and presented. When the facts were ignored, dismissed and even contradicted by FCCF leadership, Doug followed Biblical protocol for handling inappropriate behavior in the church, not maliciously, but with great concern for the Church. For that, he and others have been wrongly sued. I think each person owes it to themselves, the defendents and FCCF to read all the details of what happened prior to the lawsuit. And then respond with prayer and support. Let’s hold each other accountable to the standard set by God.

Sueing* not along lol.. auto correct.
Amy Mueller 
The answer to your question Jewels out of the mouth of one of the defendants….”Sued..As in asking for a minimum of $25k plus punitive damages and attorney fees” How dare you post on this site and try to shame God’s children who are bringing light to darkness and giving voices to SEXUALLY ABUSED victims. Your post will be deleted. Next time know what your talking about before you spew from your pedestal.
Jewels Vrabel
Define “sued?” Because if by “sued” you mean a cease and desist letter, your definition doesn’t match Webster’s dictionary and by default you would be lying on a house of God. Shame on you.
Lori Anderson-Musgrave

I have been silent during the discussions about First Christian Church of Florissant. I was blessed throughout the years I attended there. I never thought Steve Wingfield should resign; and I felt these issues could be resolved by conversations between the pastor and the congregation. However, I cannot remain silent when a church and its pastor sues members and former members of its congregation for expressing their opinions. Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate ones’s opinions and ideas, and this right is protected by the First Ammendment of the United States Constitution. The defendants do not have the time and resources of the plaintiffs, so I have contributed to their defense. “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” ― Voltaire

Amy Mueller 16 days ago

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for caring so much! The support you all have shown, in so many ways is incredible! So many people are touched and blessed by your hearts. This is earthly evidence God will prevail!