H/T: KSDK-Channel5 via Jeannie Blaylock, First Coast News 6:07 p.m. CDT May 29, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Franklin Graham, on the First Coast for this weekend’s Festival of Hope, says his famous father, Billy Graham, is proud to be not just 96, but 96 1/2.

Franklin says his father still likes BBQ and “still likes hamburgers” and — for breakfast — bacon and eggs. But he “doesn’t speak much,” and he hasn’t been able to walk for about two years. Franklin says his father knows him, even though Franklin has to “get close” and says, “Daddy, this is Franklin.” When he does, his father says, “I know it. I know who you are.”

Franklin says he believes God is leaving his father on earth as a comfort to believers, especially now the Christians are being attacked more and more. Franklin says believers can be encouraged the Billy Graham is still present. He says his father is saying he’d like to live to be 100.Franklin chuckles. He obviously is able to continue to enjoy his dad’s company and sees him often.

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