From a Former Church Member, Saturday, June 13, 2015:

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

All I can say is….he’s (Steve Wingfield) had a really hard time over the last several years determining who the wolf is.

First, it was undeserved church discipline for a minister.

Then, it was non-compete contracts to protect ‘his’ members from hungry staff who might leave ‘his’ church and take ‘his’ members.

Next, it was members (including my husband and myself) who asked questions and were told half-truths and full lies, but were told to get on board or leave.

During this time, another staff member/youth volunteer was receiving the highest praises and recommendations from him, all the while preying on young boys who attended the church. He was told that this staff member/youth volunteer was sleeping in the same bed with a young boy in a compromising position and also exposing himself to young boys and having them expose themselves back. Yet, this staff member/youth volunteer remained and was free to continue to ‘minister’ with the youth and children. And this staff member/youth volunteer was given recommendations by him to go to other churches to ‘minister.’

Then, it was restraining orders and lawsuits and church bans for members who were asking questions about the one who was preying on children.

Something’s messed up here…who is the wolf again?