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While on a mission, a missionary from The Villiage Church discovered that her spouse was viewing child porn and had been doing it for a number of years.  She asked the church for an annulment of her marriage.  Instead of assisting her, they vilified her, and acted as though her husband was the victim.  Sound familiar?

From Karen Hinkley’s statement: “The inclination towards minimization and secrecy that the pastors and elders of The Village Church have displayed is inexcusable. And the spiritual abuse I have experienced at their hands is unacceptable from those who would represent Jesus Christ. Jesus cares deeply for the vulnerable and the voiceless. He speaks strongly against those who would victimize children, and he went toe-to-toe with the religious bullies of his day who “tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” (Matthew 23) The treatment of Jordan as the victim and me as the perpetrator by the leadership of the church is an appalling reversal that evidences priorities that are not in line with the Word of God.”

H/T: May 20, 2015

She Speaks: The Village Church protects a confessed pedophile and “disciplines” his wife, a brave young woman and missionary

The following statement and documents tell the story of a hero. Her name is Karen. Formerly Karen Root, she is now Karen Hinkley after a recent annulment was finalized. She has bravely come forward to tell her story to shine the light of truth to protect kids. She hopes that by telling her story that any child harmed in the Dallas area or elsewhere by her former husband, Jordan Root, will be found, encouraged to come forward to police and fully supported so that healing can begin.

Statement by Karen Hinkley, formerly Karen Root

Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” After much prayer and consideration, I speak out today because I must.

It would be hard to believe that the events of the past five months had happened had I not experienced them myself. The discovery of Jordan’s pedophilia and use of child pornography was an indescribable shock and triggered a thorough upheaval of every aspect of my life. While I have been upheld by the grace of God every step of the way, I have wondered many times whether it is possible to fully recover from something like what has happened to me. And during these months, what has become even more troubling than the issues that have come to light in Jordan’s life has been the consistent refusal of the pastors and elders of The Village Church to respond in a way that takes into account the seriousness of the situation at hand.

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This is from Mathew Paul Turner’s Blog

H/T: – May 26,2015

Dear God, what is Matt Chandler thinking?

As you likely know, Matt Chandler is the pastor of The Village Church, a Southern Baptist and neo-reformed mega church in the Dallas area boasting a weekly attendance of 11,000. Chandler is also the president of the Acts29 network, and one of the many pastors who signed that letter to Mark Driscoll.

On May 23, Chandler’s church sent its membership one doozy of a letter, a letter laced with a plethora of reformed catchphrases and dogma, a letter detailing the reasons why the church has put Karen Hinkley (formerly Karen Root) under “church discipline.”

Karen, along with her now ex-husband, Jordan Root, were sent out (by the church and Serving in Mission) as missionaries last August to South Asia. Then, in December, Jordan confessed to viewing child pornography.

According to Karen: “The discovery of Jordan’s pedophilia and use of child pornography was an indescribable shock and triggered a thorough upheaval of every aspect of my life.” SOURCE

And she couldn’t be more correct…

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H/T: – June 10,2015

The leaders of “The Village” Church re-considered their view of the Bible and reversed their decision to “discipline” Karen.  The apologized and sought reconciliation.

Matt Chandler, TVC and Karen Hinkley make peace…

This is just in. And it seems to be good news–very good news. I hope this is a beginning toward healing for all involved. Peace, MPT.

According to The Wartburg Watch

Here’s the statement from the church. Karen’s statement follows this one.

Statement to The Village Church from Matt Chandler and the Elders

Covenant Members of The Village Church,

We want to update you regarding our review of The Village Church’s current care and discipline process, specifically our desire to repent where we have sinned against those we have not treated with the love and care we are called to give as shepherds under the authority of a holy, loving God. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to watch or listen to the sermon “W​anderer/Restorer” ​from May 31 before reading further. This email will review one specific situation and then give a brief update on the elders’ current work related to care and discipline at The Village.

Over the past few weeks, you received two emails explaining a sensitive and tragic situation involving Jordan Root and Karen Hinkley. Those emails were intended to provide clarity and insight into a fragile and complex series of events. Since we sent those emails, we have had the opportunity to gather more information, have more conversations and hear from more people.

Early on the morning of Wednesday, May 27, Matt Chandler sent a personal email to Karen asking to meet with her face-­to­-face in a place of her choosing. The following afternoon, the church sent an email to all Covenant Members in order to communicate our belief that we owed Karen an apology. Karen responded to Matt a few days later noting that she was encouraged but cautious and wanted time to seek counsel, pray and process before agreeing to a meeting. During weekend services on May 30­31, Matt’s sermon reiterated our desire to repent, ask forgiveness and seek out genuine reconciliation with anyone we treated unlovingly.. After the sermon was posted online, Karen responded with an email communicating her desire to meet with Lead Pastors Matt Chandler and Josh Patterson. On Wednesday, June 3, Matt and Josh met personally with Karen and a couple of Karen’s close friends. Karen’s friends extended gracious Christian hospitality by offering their home for the meeting.

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