If members of First Christian Church of Florissant think the dust-up with the senior pastor is a lot of noise over nothing, you need to start looking at results.  Some congregants have been “gently” questioning the change in direction of the church.  Some have been more vocal, but all were expressing feelings, versus making the argument with hard facts.

Here are some hard facts: 

1) attendance has been dropping for the last seven years.

2) Core families (long term attendees who tithe regularly) have been leaving the church and that process is accelerating.

3) The common reason given for leaving First Christian has been “leadership”, with some specifically identifying the senior pastor.

Stay tuned, there is more information coming.

The following chart shows attendance for the last 15 years for First Christian Church.

FCCF 15-year attendance

Note that Steve Wingfield became senior pastor in 2007, which was a peak-year for FCCF attendance.  It has been down hill from there!

Attendance should not be the sole criteria used to judge the performance of church leadership.  The chart does indicate however, that a problem exists that has affected many members and caused them to worship elsewhere.

 The attendance and giving numbers for the last 24 months posted by week.