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Child Abuse Prevention Videos

Child Abuse Prevention VideosThese are uncomfortable videos to watch.  They deal directly with the untold problem of child sexual abuse by adults in positions of authority. The last two videos deal with situations at summer camps.  Parents, volunteers and leaders need to watch them.

Christian Involvement in Law Suits

Assembly of GodFrom (Assemblies of God)

Should Christians be involved in lawsuits? Are there biblical principles that apply to Christians in these matters? Is it permissible for Christians to sue others who harm them?

Paul’s main concern in advising believers not to bring lawsuits against other believers (1 Cor. 6:1-8) is the discredit such action brings on the reputation of the church and the cause of Christ. With this understanding in mind, it is appropriate to ask when legal action is appropriate and when it is not. Since the Bible is our authoritative rule for conduct we must study Scripture to see if it permits or prohibits such action.

Pastors and Sin: Nine Ways Church Elders are Held Accountable 

The Christian PostFrom The Christian Post:

Each year we see new stories of Christian leaders who get entangled in scandalous sin. Our experience tells us that this has happened before and will happen again.

Often we ask, “Who was holding this man accountable?” And, “If I can’t trust this seemingly godly man, who can I trust?” It is very common and very appropriate to also ask, “How are we supposed to hold leaders accountable?” If they are local church elders, the Bible speaks directly to the question. The Bible gives a very clearly defined method for dealing with sin in church elders.

12 Signs of a Controlling Church Pastor

Viral ChristFrom

What I am about to write I pray is birthed in my love for Christ’s Church. I pray that it is motivated by the holy zeal that rises up in me when I see church leaders abusing those whom God has called. I pray that it is said clearly, but with love- for what is not birthed in love is sin.

Net-Grace-feat-img-150x53All communities are scarred by the destructive evils of child abuse. In fact, the rate of child abuse in the United States is ten times the rate of cancer. Studies show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused as children.

But sadly the Church has largely ignored physical, sexual, emotional, and even spiritual child abuse, despite the prevalence of abuse within faith communities. Even more  disheartening: Christians have often unwittingly contribute to the suffering of victims because of a failure to protect children and adequately respond to disclosures of sexual abuse.

Additionally, clergy and lay leaders often overlook the many needs of those within their congregations who are adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

The Bible Hub

Bible Hub features topical, Greek and Hebrew study tools, plus concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, sermons and devotionals.

Bible HubYou can read the verses from 5 Bibles at a time and compare the translations.  They have terrific commentaries and research tool as well.

Bible.comDownload the free YouVersion Bible App on your mobile device and you’ll have your Bible with you no matter where you go.

Biblegateway-feat-img-150x48Bible Gateway (@BibleGateway & @BibleGatewayApp) is a rich social and personal connection to freely read, research, and reference Scripture on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone . . . anywhere; in more than 70 languages and more than 180 versions! Its simple yet advanced searching capabilities allow you to quickly find and compare particular passages in multiple Bible translations based on the keywords, phrases, topics, or Scripture references you have in mind. You’ll be inspired and encouraged – whether reading with your eyes or your ears (audio Bibles) – as you rely on Bible Gateway for all your Bible reading needs.

RAINN – Rape, Abuse Incest National Network

RAINN-logo-135x110RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization and was named one of “America’s 100 Best Charities” by Worth magazine. RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE and in partnership with more than 1,100 local rape crisis centers across the country and operates the DoD Safe Helpline for the Department of Defense. RAINN also carries out programs to prevent sexual violence, help victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice.

Missouri Department of Social Services

Mo-Dept-Soc-Svc-feat-img-150x38The Children’s Division Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit (CA/NHU) accepts confidential reports of suspected child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Reports are received through a toll-free telephone line which is answered seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Members of certain occupational groups, such as teachers, social workers, and physicians, are mandated by law to make reports to the Hotline. Any person may report, and anonymous reports are accepted from individuals who are not mandated by occupation to report. Effective August 28, 2004, Missouri law requires Mandated Reporters to identify themselves when making a report.

The toll-free number is 1-800-392-3738.

Persons calling from outside Missouri should dial 573-751-3448.

SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

SNAP Survivors Network of those Abused by PriestsBarbara Blaine founded SNAP in 1988 after years of pain, depression and shame. She was abused as an 8th grade child by a Toledo, Ohio priest who taught in the Catholic school she attended. Years later, her pleas for help from Toledo’s bishop fell on deaf ears. Barbara realized that survivors of clergy abuse could help each other and, by mid 1988, she had built a network of about two dozen victims. By early 1989 several survivors had struck up friendships, held regular telephone conversations and exchanged letters. In 1991, the very first SNAP Meeting was held at the Holiday Inn, Chicago.

Echoes – Reflections on Our First Fifty Years

Echoes - A 50-year history of FCCFThis is a 2008 book by former youth pastor Titus J. Benton that describes the fifty year history of First Christian Church of Florissant.  On Sunday, May 18, 1958, when FCCF held its first service, over twenty were in attendance. Twelve made decisions to belong to Grandview Heights Christian Church, as it was then called, and thus the foundation was laid for what would become First Christian Church of Florissant — one of the most dynamic, healthy, and stable churches in the metropolitan St. Louis area. The story of First Christian Church of Florissant has been told in smaller pieces over the past fifty years in annual reports, in weekly newsletters, and through the lives of its members. This book is the reflection of these pieces combined into one volume. From twelve courageous people to a congregation of over 2,000 members, the history of First Christian Church of Florissant is a compelling story.

Ministry Safe Training Tools

MinistrySafe-feat-img-150x39In addition to an active law practice, Love and Norris co-founded MinistrySafe and Abuse Prevention Systems, entities dedicated to sexual abuse awareness and prevention. MinistrySafe and Abuse Prevention Systems provide Sexual Abuse Awareness Training (live and online) and assist child care entities and organizations in the design and implementation of safety systems which reduce the risk of child sexual abuse. – Professor Doug Lay Highlights His Case Study

Is It Enough . org puts the First Christian Church Case Study front and center.  Doug Lay also requests additional stories and has set up a full page contact page for users to communicate with the professor.