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Motion To Reduce Bond - filed 3-26-14

To be clear and open about the Motion to Reduce Bond

This is a message from Virgil to Doug Lay.  It is an explanation for the “kerfluffle” between Virgil and Doug where Virgil claimed Doug Lay didn’t have his facts straight.  It’s also an apology.

Take the time to read the message.  It gives an explanation on how Virgil Brazel’s name was put on the Motion to Reduce.

Facebook message by Virgil Brazel – rcvd:7/26/15, 1:33am.

This evening Doug Lay sent me a copy of a Motion to Reduce Bond court document stating that the defendant (Brandon) would live with family friend Virgil Brazele (Note misspelling) that was signed by Brandon’s Lawyer and submitted on March 26.

When Brandon was first incarcerated, and before we knew much of anything regarding the severity of his charges, bond/bail amounts etc, and while we thought his release was assured, it’s possible that we talked about him staying with us when he got out. That was a year and a half ago, so I don’t remember all of those early conversations in detail.

Brandon thought for a long time that if he were to be released that he would be able to stay with us. It took some time before Barb could bring herself to tell him that as much as she would still welcome him into our home, that staying here would not be an option.

I also recall a conversation with Brandon’s lawyer where he assumed that if Brandon were to be released, that he would be released to us. That notion was quickly squelched as he was informed that due to the complications of our relationship with the victims, my role as a Pastor at FCCF, and our association with the college that there would have to be other housing arrangements made. (we had already been in communication and agreement with Guthrie Veech (president of St Louis Christian College) that we would not be housing Brandon.)

I cannot argue now with the fact that this document exists. This is the first I have seen that document or was made aware of its actual existence.

What I can tell you is this; we did not indicate to Brandon’s Lawyer, Michael Bert that Brandon could stay with us. Period.

While I know what the paper says, I would be willing to testify in court that that was either a misrepresentation or misunderstanding on behalf of Michael Bert. I cannot speak for certain which one. I am literally shaking my head in disbelief!

As Brandon’s parents live out of state, and had limited connections here, we did attempt to find housing for him in the event of his release. There was a lady from church who was willing, but not sure her husband would be ok with it. We found another family (non-believers) who were willing, and another family from rural south/central Illinois who were willing to take him in if he was allowed out of state. Both of those families’ names and contact info were sent to Michael Bert, Brandon’s Lawyer on April 2, not realizing that he had submitted a motion to reduce bond on March 26.

It now makes sense why I have been accused of petitioning for a bond reduction as well as offering housing. To my knowledge I had never written a letter, signed an agreement or made a statement to either of those effects. And I struggled to figure out how such “myths” had been fabricated. I truly dismissed them as morsels of gossip that I could not combat. I feel a genuine sense of betrayal by the lawyer on this count. It is my plan to contact him regarding this matter. Granted, it is “public record” so I don’t know how or if it can be withdrawn, but I can at least try.

What a mess indeed!

Included in my reply to Doug were these words: “I would appreciate it if you’d accept my apology for falsely accusing you of speaking on things that you did not know, and for not having your facts straight. You had better proof than I did.”


“I am sorry that I have assaulted your credibility… I will make every effort to correct it.”