This is the actual lawsuit filed by Steve Wingfield and First Christian Church of Florissant naming four former church members (one a Pastor) as targets for defamation suit.

Please read the “Case Study” by Doug Lay (starts on page 13).  He created it to highlight the “hush-hush” and dismissive approach taken by FCCF to multiple notices of inappropriate and questionable conduct by Brandon Milburn. (A pdf version of the case study is on this page.)

Professor Lay was a member of and taught Sunday School at FCCF.  He was He’s an English teacher and academic advisor at St. Louis Christian College and a devout Christian. (As of 5/18/15, Professor Lay resigned from SLCC.)

Verified Petition filed with St. Louis County Courts – Includes Doug Lay’s case study.

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Adobe PDF DownloadNote:  The petition above is 54 pages.  The same document on the website is only 12 pages.  All of the exhibits have been removed. PDF of complete Verified Petition

After reading the lawsuit (Verified Petion), please go “The Issues” tab to read a summary of the issues presented here.  The Documents page contains the court documents filed by FCCF, Doug Lay’s motion to dismiss and other pertinent information.

Update 5/13/15:  The lawsuit was withdrawn 5/13/15 by Wingfield’s attorney.  This was two days before the courts were scheduled to rule on Doug Lay’s “motion to dismiss“.  The suit was withdrawn without prejudice and can be re-filed at any time.  Wingfield made this known to folks close to the case.

In essence, the lawsuit forced four former members of the church to spend an aggregate of over $10,000 in legal fees to prepare a defense.  Now that the suit is “on hold”, the legal fees will have to be paid, but there’s no resolution for the defendants.  They will still need attorneys (in case the suit is filed again) and will be required to pay their retainers.


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