Agape Christian Counseling

Counseling information for victims of Brandon Milburn’s sexual abuse has been posted on  Good luck finding it.

It is a one-page pdf document that requires those seeking help to contact Pastor Dennis Hounshell for the initial visit.  Pastor Hounshell is a licensed counselor and according to the document will refer the individual to another counselor.

Upon referral by Dennis, a secondary session will be performed by the recommended Outside Counselor.

Out of pocket expenses for the first six one-hour sessions will be paid 100% by FCCF.  That infers that if insurance is available, it should be used first.  Then FCCF will reimburse the co-pay.  If insurance is not available, FCCF will reimburse the entire cost.

The church will pay all out-of-pocket fees for the first six (6) one-hour sessions and one half of all out-of-pocket expenses for the following six (6) sessions for a total of twelve (12) one-hour sessions. This reimbursement will either include the counselor’s sliding fee scale or any co-pay for those using personal insurance.

The next six one-hour sessions will only be reimbursed for half the cost.

The counseling is supposed to deal with the long-term effects of child sexual abuse that occurred.  To assume that the problems will be resolved in 12 sessions seems problematic.

Julie Ann Smith at considers the offer woefully inadequate and has conferred with other counselors about what needs to be offered.

To keep you from hunting on to find the Counseling information, the pdf is included here.


Note that the date in the title of the document is 6-2-15, but the internal date maintained by the pdf is 6-5-15. A link to the document has been hidden “in plain sight” on