Received 6/15/2015 from an anonymous author:

Female in prayer

My family attended FCCF until we moved in 2003.

At this point, I am very far removed from the situation and don’t see what’s happening first hand. For that reason, I have not joined the group or felt like I have the right to comment. I have, however, been following along and praying. All day today I have felt like I needed to let you know that I appreciate not only the information you’re sharing, but also the spirit with which you are doing it.

It is clear through reading each of your posts that your actions are out of love, not anger. And in a very emotionally charged situation for everyone, you are doing a good job balancing what I can only imagine to be incredible hurt, frustration, and love.

I appreciate your work to focus on prayer and on change, not on simply airing frustrations.