First Christian Church - Charles Swindoll's Pastor Profile Series

Here are Charles Swindoll’s sermons on a pastor’s job profile as taken from his study of 2 Timothy. These are available on 8/17/15: Every Pastor’s Job Profile Part 1 Paul’s Swan Song: A Study of…

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The headline ripped straight from the RFT … Church Cites “Stress, Grief, and Fatigue” For Embattled Pastor Steve Wingfield’s Sabbatical By Danny Wicentowski Tue., Aug. 4 2015 at 9:12 AM After months of criticism, pastor Steve…

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Source:  Titus Benton, message clarifying his position in RFT article.. Titus Benton: I wanted to post my entire statement to the RFT here, so you guys would understand the fullness of thoughts I had on this….

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FCCF 15-year attendance featured image

If members of First Christian Church of Florissant think the dust-up with the senior pastor is a lot of noise over nothing, you need to start looking at results.  Some congregants have been “gently” questioning the…

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Is It Enough Featured Image

May 1, 2015, Professor Lay publishes for the public. “Is It Enough? is a center for learning and sharing information about the child sexual abuse mishandling / cover-up at First Christian Church of Florissant.” You…

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They Call It Fraud

There’s a rumor circulating that Senior Pastor Steve Wingfield has suspicions that the GoFundMe account (established to help pay legal bills for the five former members of FCCF being sued by the church) is fraudulent!  He…

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Resignation Press Release

This is the press release issues by Professor Lay’s lawyer concerning his resignation.     Click here for PDF version.

Professor Doug Lay

Effective 5/18/2015, Professor Doug Lay resigned from SLCC (St. Louis Christian College). This is Professor Lay’s resignation letter in its entirety.  Note the last two paragraphs where he emphasizes that his decision was NOT the result…

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List of Departures

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Look closely – these are fellow Christians – fellow church members. First Christian Church has filed (and withdrawn) a lawsuit against these people for voicing their opinions and raising concerns about the victims of abuse at…

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Issues Concerning Steve Wingfield’s Ability to Lead FCCF Abuse of Power Former Staff Member: “Just to be clear: I left because of Steve & told him so to his face “ Former Staff Member: “Thank you for reaching…

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