Can a Church Sue?

This is a link to a document on (First Christian Church of Florissant web site.)  If the document does not appear, they have removed it from their web site.

The document is titled: “Bible Study – Can a Church Ever File a Lawsuit?

It tries to explain that using civil courts to settle religious disputes is permissible under some circumstances according to the Bible.  FCCF and Steve Wingfield profess in the document that they have exhausted the “Biblical” avenues of resolution.

As seen in AW Johnson’s (Doug Lay’s lawyer) letter to Steve Wingfield’s lawyer, there have never been any good-faith efforts to set up a meeting to resolve the issues brought up before the lawsuit or issues surrounding the lawsuit itself.  This means that the elders and Steve Wingfield have not followed the Biblical protocols for handling disputes.

The outside “Christian consultation” that they say (in other documents and newspaper articles) they secured is a misleading statement.  “They” (the elders or Steve Wingfield) did not arrange the meeting between the other Christian pastors and Wingfield and the elders.  The meeting was set up by other church members who are trying to help resolve the matter.  The leaders of FCCF simply agreed to the meeting.