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Pastor Titus BentonChristians are great at a lot of stuff: potlucks, VBS, helping people–the list goes on and on. But ask any Christian to name four or five things that Christians are good at and I bet you 99% of folks will include arguing in their top 5. What, you disagree? Then you just proved my point. Christians enjoy a good argument.

If you’re the kind of Christian who is inclined to disagree (agreeably, of course, because that’s what Jesus would do), here are three things to keep in mind while you fuss and fight.

1. This ain’t new

Christians have been arguing since the very beginning. Way before Fox News, and Duck Dynasty, and Chick-fil-a, and those liberal, young, tattooed Christians who are wrong about everything, the church argued. In fact, you could argue (and wouldn’t you like that!) that church history is just a bunch of big arguments woven together.

We’ve got arguments in Acts 15. We’ve got Paul defending his apostleship and correcting bad theology in his letters. We’ve got official church councils which were, basically, arguments. We’ve got the Great Schism of 1054 when the eastern half of the Roman empire went one way and the western half went another. This was after a bunch of people claiming to be in charge kept excommunicating each other.

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