is a group of families that believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and that our home church, First Christian Church of Florissant, has lost its Biblical way and no longer serves its members.

The people who belong to this group have varied backgrounds, income levels, ethnicities and ages. The common thread is our involvement with First Christian as our home church.

We see that the church has faltered:

  • Biblical teachings and values are barely being mentioned from the pulpit by the senior pastor.  Folks looking for Biblical insights and guidance are leaving unfulfilled.
  • The church has failed to protect its members.  There have been ongoing issues with potential child abuse and a suspected cover up of the facts.
  • It is obvious that there are management problems because of high staff turnover (exodus) and low morale.  (This has been confirmed by direct feedback.)  The staff in general and some pastors are visibly fearful of dealings with the senior pastor.
  • There has been a continual decrease in volunteer engagement and retention.  Morale among volunteers appears to be waning.
  • Elders who didn’t align with the senior pastor on every issue were pushed out of their eldership and were not replaced.  These are men with long histories with the church. This concentrated decision-making power and authority within a smaller group of men.  These men then approved changes to the church’s bylaws.  Those changes had the effect of putting total financial control under the senior pastor.  Instead of segregated budgets for the building, operating expenses, salaries, missions and contingencies, all money was pooled under one budget, under the control of the senior pastor.  This makes financial transparency a problem.
  • Large numbers of families are leaving for other churches.  They feel that their needs are not being met, that there are “political” and favoritism issues in play, and the last change in the church’s bylaws created a “dictator at the top” hierarchy, where grievances go unaddressed, staff are too scared to operate freely and the elders simply rubber-stamp whatever the senior pastor wants to do.
  • The elders and senior pastor have pushed for a full-press offense to have congregants say “I’m All In” and commit to “one step up” in giving.  (If you give a little sporadically then give a little more and on a routine weekly basis.  If you tithe regularly, increase your level of giving regularly.)

Members of this group have tried to talk with the senior pastor and the elders.  They have had no success.  Our goal is to contact the church membership and through the sheer power of numbers force the elders to address these concerns.