Remaining Pastors Dismissed 2-19-16

You've seen the timeline and hopefully read some of the articles on this web site.  Here is the "unintended consequences" of covering up illicit activities in the church ... a ...
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Steve Wingfield Returns to FCCF

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Not!

Pardon the cliche, link-bait, title - this article describes exactly the opposite and should really be titled "How to Lose Members and Alienate a Congregation". Let's recap ... we have ...
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Your Best “Sacrificial Gift” & Einstein’s Observation

Reach-Win-Grow and the "I'm-All-In" financial campaign started a year ago at FCCF.  The campaign was given much fanfare and FCCF even held an "Influencers Event" were Pastor Wingfield explained the ...
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What Do Subway and FCCF Have In Common?

Does this headline and the facts fit a pattern? SUBWAY FRANCHISEE: "I told Subway about Jared Fogle's interest in kids, and they did nothing" By:  Hayley Peterson, Aug 27, 2015 ...
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Professor Doug Lay employment contract conditions, silence or quit

SLCC Used Employment Contract to Silence Professor Lay

This document is significant for a couple reasons.  First, according to Doug Lay's resignation letter, the school had not pushed for Lay's removal.  Second, St. Louis Christian College leadership had ...
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Senior Pastor Steve Wingfield Gets a Sabbatical and His Name in the Papers Again

The headline ripped straight from the RFT ... Church Cites "Stress, Grief, and Fatigue" For Embattled Pastor Steve Wingfield's Sabbatical By Danny Wicentowski Tue., Aug. 4 2015 at 9:12 AM ...
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New Departure and Incident Chart

Keeping track of what has transpired over the last few years and the loss of personnel can become confusing.  This chart lays out a time line from 2005 to 2015 ...
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Elder Statement 7-26-15 To the Congregation

This is a statement from Stan Dubose to the congregation 7-26-15 (11:00AM Service). Skipped the lead-in comments at the beginning... statement begins at 00:40. "This morning I am here to ...
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Audio Only – Announcement of Steve Wingfield Sabbatical 7-26-15

This is the announcement made by Stan Dubose (elder vice chairman) concerning Steve Wingfield's sabbatical. It appears there is "no change in direction" of First Christian Church.  It will be ...
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More Court Documents on Brandon Milburn

This is a link to the 3-24-15 Motion to Reduce Bond, filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court. This is a link to the Excerpts on Sentencing, 3-30-15, provided by ...
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Sr Pastor Wingfield Gets 6-Mo Sabbatical

According to an announcement at Wednesday night's service (7/22/15), Sr. Pastor Steve Wingfield has been given a 6-month sabbatical. As of 8/2/15, no new information has been posted on ...
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Agape Christain Counseling

Counseling Information Has Been Made Available on

Counseling information for victims of Brandon Milburn's sexual abuse has been posted on  Good luck finding it. It is a one-page pdf document that requires those seeking help to ...
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Child Abus in the Church

Our Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Still Need Support

Even with all the talk, rumors, lawsuits, open letters and bad feelings created by the Brandon Milburn situation, as far as I know, we still have abuse victims who will ...
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Hide & Seek

First Christian Church of Florissant Offers Counseling for Victims

FCCF has offered counseling for abuse victims.  They need to contact Pastor Dennis Hounshell for the first session. The initial counseling session is with First Christian On-site Licensed Professional Counselor ...
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Steve Lata, Doug Lay Comment on

Former elder Steve Lata, and Professor Doug Lay have posted lengthy comments on Julie Anne's web site.  They are worth reading. Steve Lata's comments are here. Doug Lay's comments are ...
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FCCF Says No to Demands

Response to Dawn Varvil’s Demand Letter 6-26-15

Contents of Response Letter from Wingfield's Attorney to to Dawn Varvil's Attorney June 26, 2015 Dear Nicole, I am writing in response to your letter dated June 4, 2015. Instead ...
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Former Youth Pastor Responds to Open Letter from Church Leaders Who Mishandled and Failed to Report Child Sex Abuse

H/T: Julie Anne - - 6/26/15 After you've read the article, be sure and read the comments by Steve Lata and Titus Benton.  They're at the bottom of the ...
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Truth About the Open Letter From Elders 6-23-15

This is the "Open Letter from the Elders, 6-23-15" broken down into statements and analyzed by a former elder with more than 20 years with FCCF and a former FCCF ...
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Open Letter from FCCF Elders 6-23-15

This is the text of the Open Letter from First Christian Elders emails 6-23-15.   June 23, 2015 An Open Letter from First Christian Elders To view on our church website, click ...
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Elders Sillhouette

Transcript of 6-21-15 Elder Address to the Congregation

Transcript of Elder's Address to the FCCF congregation 6-21-15. Analysis and video are here Hi, I'm Bob Dees. I'm one of the elders here at First Christian.  We are blessed.  ...
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Elder Address 6-21-15 – The Lies Continue

This is a complete transcription of the Elder's address to the congregation 6/21/15. I apologize for what I'm about to say, because it is NOT kind. These men are liars ...
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GoFundMe Defense Fund Update 6/20/15

First off, over $7,000 has been raised as of 6/20/15 Woo hoo & congratulations to all !!!! There is currently about $60 dollars still in the account. $7,050 has been ...
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Bible drawing

A Bible Lesson On Lawsuits

These posts are in response to Ruth Wingfields posts ...
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Female In Prayer

Comments from Someone Who Left in 2003

Received 6/15/2015 from an anonymous author: My family attended FCCF until we moved in 2003. At this point, I am very far removed from the situation and don't see what's ...
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